14 September 2009

The Single..


The theme for the video we aim to produce to this song is about friendship, and good times.
The idea;
The idea starts with one of the band members asleep in their bed, with their phone positioned on the bedside cabinet next to them. When the music kicks in, the phone will ring, awakening the band member, who realises they are late. There are alot of quick cuts of band members getting ready and packing instruments and other essentials into a van. We then cut to a house party, where a stage is being set, and there are alot of people - friends - talking, drinking, making out, dancing.. The usual party banter. In the final chorus of the song, we see the band performing the song on their make shift stage. Finally, we see everyone crashed out (sleeping), after such an eventful evening.

The Look..


The Red Riot Society..

We believe that music is a form of expression, whether it be an expression of love, anger, remorse, happiness etc. We strongly oppose narcissistic artists, and the conventions of vanity and image; we believe you should create music for the sake of music, and not for the paparazzi and the 'celebrity lifestyle'. Music has always been the flux that has brought the band members together; it created our friendship, which in turn, created our success. We don't care about the fame, or the money; we just want our messages to reach our fans, and hope they enjoy our music just as much as we enjoyed creating it.

POP ATE MY HEART...freedom of expression.

Creation Of A Music Act..

The Red Riot Society;
We are a contemporary rock band who emerged in the summer of '09. The story began when a group of friends gathered, and suggested we shared our talents in the hope that we could create songs that people will enjoy listening to, and possibly relate to. We began with a MySpace page, which consisted of music we had recorded in our keyboard players 'home studio', along with recordings created in a local record studio. We used our MySpace to promote our music to potential fans all over the world. Once we had 1,500 plays, a independent promoter got in touch with us, and offered us concerts and gigs in local venue's. We began in small underground bars, and clubs, and as word about us spread, we gained more and more interest, and soon enough, we were offered the chance to be a supporting act for some successful mainstream artists, such as Kids In Glass Houses and YouMeAtSix. A few months later, we were approached by Mercury Records, who offered us an irresistable contract, and soon enough we were signed by one of the most recognised labels in the music industry. We are now due to release our latest single; DayGlo.

06 September 2009

I thought it would be..

...interesting to look at a..
Recent Independent Label..

Bass Punch Records;
From their MySpace page:
"Bass Punch Records is ran by MarchMelloW & Skrewface. Born out of the need to get out dubs that deserves to be rinsed worldwide, Bass Punch Records will deliver QUALITY over quantity. Bass Punch's aim is to become into a label associated with high quality releases and productions in due time.
Bass Punch genres will stretch from mainly Electronica (Dubstep, Sublow, Grime, House) but also Dancehall, Reggae & Dub.
If it punches you in the face, expect it to be released through this label.
Bass Punch Records owes it to Dylan James (Betamorph/Abducted Dubs) for all the assistance and guidance. For the name 'Bass Punch' we owe it to Twisted for the helpful suggestions."

A few examples of the artists under this label include:
DZ -

RAkoon -

Twisted -

04 September 2009

I Might Aswell..

Do some research on Drive-Thru Records.. They sign a large portion of my favorite bands also..

Drive-Thru Records;
Drive-Thru Records, established in 1996, is owned by siblings Richard Reines and Stefanie Reines. The label started in the dining room of their townhouse, eventually moved to the garage with no heat or air conditioning, and the random tarantula coming in for a visit. Fenix Tx were the first band to get airplay for the label, and when they got added to KROQ, the calls came in from major labels looking to make a deal. They decided on MCA records, which turned out to be both great and terrible for the label. 5 years later, Drive-Thru finally reclaimed it's freedom and partnered with Sanctuary for distribution. Sanctuary had it's share of problems and was eventually sold to Universal, and Drive-Thru wound up in the catalog division of UME. Not the best place for a label releasing current bands. In August of 2009, the label started to decide on it's next venture for the future.
Innovators in marketing and promotion, Drive-Thru was the first label to hand out label samplers on the Van's Warped Tour, the first to have their own stage on the Van's Warped Tour, the first to add pop-up pages to a music website, and the first to offer an entire EP including artwork and videos as a free download to fans (Hellogoodbye - The Avocado EP).
Bands that have achieved notable success during their time on the label include Halifax, Allister, New Found Glory, Fenix*TX, Midtown, Finch, The Starting Line, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, The Early November, Senses Fail, and Hellogoodbye. Drive-Thru Records' highest Billboard 200 charting releases include The Early November's The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path (#31) and Hellogoodbye's Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (#13).

Current Bands (the family);
An Angle
The Early November
Hidden In Plain View
House Of Fools
Houston Calls
I Am The Avalanche
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
Dave Melillo
New Found Glory
Say No More
Self Against City
Something Corporate
The Starting Line
Steel Train

Epitaph Records.

Epitaph Records.
I decided to do a case study on Epitaph records, as they are notorious for their distribution of punk rock music, one of my favorite genre's. They signed many of my favorite bands also, so in a way I felt like I owed them some recognition..

In 1988, Epitaph released its first record as a proper label. It was the band L7,s self-titled album, and it was distributed by Chameleon. The first album that was both released and distributed by Epitaph was Suffer by Bad Religion, which eventually became one of the label's best selling albums and is credited with "saving" the Southern California punk rock scene by fans.
In 1994, Epitaph received widespread fame, both within and outside the punk community, when NOFX, Rancid and The Offspring all released hit records. This was a big year for punk in the mainstream; Rancid appeared on Saturday Night Live the following year, playing "Ruby Soho" and "Roots Radicals". The Offspring eventually left for Columbia Records in a contract dispute, but their album Smash lived up to its name and quickly became Epitaph's all time best selling album, with more than 11 million units sold worldwide to date.
Although Bad Religion was the founding band of Epitaph, releasing their early records through the label, they switched over to Atlantic in 1993, with Recipe For Hate being their first record outside of the label. Brett Gurewitz is thought to have left Bad Religion as a result of internal disputes, but actually left the band in 1994 so he could run Epitaph full time. This came after lead singer Greg Graffin said he wanted to tour more and quit school to do so. The band responded by filling Gurewitz's place with Brian Baker. In 2001, Brett returned to the band and Bad Religion once again signed to Epitaph Records, releasing three more albums: The Process of Belief in 2002, The Empire Strikes First in 2004, and New Maps of Hell in 2007
In January 2002, Brett Gurewitz was quoted saying that "I had multiple offers for $50- and $100 million for half of my business". He never took any of them.
In 2003, Epitaph sparked some controversy among its fans by signing Emo and post-hardcore acts as well as alternative hip hop artists such as Atmosphere and Sage Francis and grindcore band The Locust, leading to debates about what constitutes the true nature of "punk" music, this has caused much criticism and scrutiny within its punk base.
In mid-2005 Epitaph was added to the official list of RIAA members along with several other high-profile independent labels. The reason for the listing is not clear, but one source points to an agreement for internet P2P distribution. Another source claims label management joined RIAA in order to get certified sales awards (i.e., official "Gold" or "Platinum" record status) for releases. This sparked some controversy as some feel they should no longer be labeled independent if they are a member of the RIAA.
However, the only source that has actually been used for these claims of membership is the official RIAA membership list, which has been disputed. As of this writing, not only is Epitaph listed as an official member, but Lookout! Records is once again listed, after being falsely listed before. In addition, Fat Wreck Chords has released statements denying their own involvement in the RIAA, condemning the organization.

Current Artists;
Bad Religion
The Blackout
The Boss
Bring Me the Horizon (U.S. only)
Cadence Weapon
Can't Hang
The Color of Violence
The Coup
Danger Doom
The Draft
Escape the Fate
Every Time I Die
Frank Turner (U.S. only)
Frenzal Rhombb (Australia only)
From Behind these Walls
The Ghost of a Thousand
The Higher
The Hot Melts
I Am Ghost
I Set My Friends On Fire
The Locust
Millencolin (U.S. only)
New Found Glory
Our Last Night
Parkway Drive (U.S. only)
Pennywise (Europe only)
The Robocop Kraus
Sage Francis
Set Your Goals
Sing It Loud
SoliLLaquists of Sound
Story of the Year
This City
The Weakerthans
You Me At Six (U.S. only)

Former Artists;
98 Mute
59 Times The Pain
Agnostic Front
The Black Clits
Bombshell Rocks
Bob Log III
The Bouncing Souls
The Business
Choking Victim
Circle Jerks
Claw Hammer
Coffin Break
The Cramps
Dag Nasty
Day Of Contempt
Dead Fucking Last
Death By Stereo
The Descendents
The Distillers
Division Of Laura Lee
Down By Law
The Dwarves
The Fags (Elton John Tribute Band)
The Flaming Dildos
From First to Last
Gallows (re-releasing old material in North America)
Gas Huffer
Green Day (re-releasing old material in Europe)
Hell Is for Heroes
The Hives
Hot Water Music
I Against I
Ikara Colt
The (International) Noise Conspiracy
The Joykiller
Wayne Kramer
Little Kings
Matchbook Romance
The Matches (contract expiration)
Midget Handjob
Motion City Soundtrack
New Bomb Turks
The Offspring
Pete Philly and Perquisite
The Pietasters
Poison Idea
Raised Fist
Rancid (now on Epitaph's sub-label Hellcat Records)
Red Aunts
Rich Kids on LSD
Ruth Ruth
Satanic Surfers
Scatter The Ashes
The Seeing Eye Gods
Social Distortion (re-releasing their Greatest Hits album in Europe)
Some Girls
The Sound of Animals Fighting
The Special Goodness
Ten Foot Pole
Thelonious Monster
Titty Sprinkles
Tom Waits (now on Epitaphs sub-label ANTI-)
Total Chaos
Union 13
U.S. Bombs
Undeclinable Ambuscade
The Vandals
Voice Of A Generation
Voodoo Glow Skulls
Youth Group (now on Epitaphs sub-label ANTI-)