24 June 2009


Some guys did this for their music video; I really like it :)

After watching this, I clicked a related video, and this came up...

I like this one better :)

16 June 2009

Possibly the most difficult decision

I've ever had to make.
If I'm being honest, I don't have a specific favorite one. I like many :)
So I'll list a few of my VERY favorites and why I like them...

Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun

This music video is very visually stimulating. There are many examples of beautiful arcitecture which compliment the song amazingly. Also, the use of abstract and contemporary costume helps to heighten the unique sound. Basically, I love this band. And this video :)

Skeleton Boy by Friendly Fires

I really like this video because it's imaginative, and it looks like they had fun making it - reflecting the tone of the song.
(It's annoyingly catchy...)

Stitches by The Dykeenies

I really like the narrative shown in this video. It's really cute and inspiring :)
Also, The Dykeenies are a band that bring back untold memories, so naturally I'm fond of this video.

And lastly...

Best Of You by Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

I'm gutted I couldn't find the band video of this, because I was watcing it on Kerrang a few days ago, and the visual impact, alongside his voice and the lyrics actually reduced me to tears. This song is so powerful, and I can feel the strength of his feelings, and it's just... mind blowing.

Yeah, they're four of my all time favorites. I have no idea which I'll pick to present to the class.


This website was really confusing when it came to saving your final piece. However, actually creating something on it was relatively easy. This example is really shoddy, but it's a representation of the majority of my musical taste -

Cest non manifique.

Project brief

For this project I have to construct an image for a new artist. I can either use an existing piece of music, or I can write my own. I'm considering writing my own because I play piano, keyboards and synthesizers, and I'll also have access to an electribe, which meant that I could create a backing beat/drum sounds. Also, I think I can borrow a Kaoss pad from a friend, which means I could add a wider variety of sound.
However, I would enjoy using an existing piece of music as I'd like to attempt lip-synchronisation, and experiment with a narrative video.
My love of rock/alternative music has compelled me to travel down that route. My favorite female vocalists are -
Imogen Heap, Alice Glass (Crystal Castles), Lady Gaga, Lady Hawke and Rie Fu.
Luckily, I use the same synthesizer as Imogen Heap and Alice Glass, but I could get away with using my synthesizer in a song by Lady Gaga or Lady Hawke as they both use synthesized sounds. Rie Fu has an amazing voice which is accomapined solomly by a piano, which is also helpful because the school can offer me a piano, or a have a large Casio keyboard.
I haven't come to any conclusions as to what I want to do yet. It's a matter of experimentation and seeing which I feel most comfortable doing.

Life Is Like A Boat - Rie Fu

Just For Now - Imogen Heap

Just Dance - Lady Gaga

Crime Wave - Crystal Castles

Paris Is Burning - Lady Hawke

I hope this gives some idea of what kind of sound I'd like to use in my music video.