12 November 2009

The Story Boards

A Bit Of An Update...

Basically, we've spent a lot of time collaborating our initial idea and working in into a storyboard.
The idea of the video is to show a group of friends enjoying themselves, partying and playing their instruments - I suppose you could call this a 'house-gig'.
The video begins with one of the band members asleep in her bed; there's a few shots of the surrounding neighbour hood - this is in black and white. Then when the music kicks in, we cut to a shot of her phone ringing on a bed side cabinet; the phone will turn into colour (representing life kicking in), and this will wake up the band member. She realises that the band are behind schedule, and she rushes into the next room to wake up the other band members. In this room, there is a lot of litter (specifically empty alcohol containers) lying around, and band members crashed out on the floor - showing that life is just a bit party scene (hopefully the audience will realise that we are trying to show them that they've just been awoken from a party the previous night). All the band members are then frantically trying to get ready, and pack all of their equipment and instruments into the back of a van. We then show shots of the van travelling to the gig venue; and shots of the passengers inside the van. Before the van arrives, we have shots of people already at the party, displaying generic party banter - showing that they are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the band. Moments later, we show the band arriving and offloading; inbetween this, we have quick cuts to and from generic party banter. Then the band play and we all involve ourselves in the party banter. Finally, as the song draws to a close, everyone passes out on the floor. Setting up for the same thing tomorrow :)

Dayglo Animatic

We decided to upload this video to YouTube as it meant quick and easy access; and makes the process of sharing a lot quicker and more efficient.
Hopefully from the video, you can gather an idea of how you'd like our music video to look.