11 February 2010

Editing and Final Cut Pro

I thought I'd just blog a little bit about Final Cut Pro... Basically, I edited my entire video using this software, and it is amazing. Having had no editing experience before, I found this software user friendly, easy to navigate, and a lot of fun to use.
Here are some images of things I've done on FCP;

Final Cut

Adding a sepia filter to a frame ^

Final Cut

Rendering a frame ^

Final Cut

Realising when my timeline needs rendering ^

Final Cut

A variety of effects I could apply to a frame ^

Final Cut

Work in progress :) ^

08 February 2010

Where has she been?!

It's been a while since I've had the chance to post anything on here. Basically, I've split with George and I'm not making my own cut of this video. This is utterly unfortunate as I've no experience using any editing software. However, having spent every spare hour God sends, I have made a (rather good) first cut of my video, so I'm really happy about that. I realised upon editing that a few clips need to be reshot, and I aim to have this whole video completed by the end of the week. C'MON! In a weird way, I do feel rather accomplished. I've practically done this whole project by myself (mood board, blogs, story boards, animatics, 2/3rd of the filming, and ALL the editing). Kudos to me :D