22 March 2010

Final video shoot

Having completed 90% of the music video, I realised that there was no conclusive ending, and therefore decided to shoot something with a narrative to give the video a nice close. The jist of the video is that two lovers had fallen out, and I felt that the video should end with them trying to resolve the issue.
We went back to the original location, which is The Old Courthouse in Dartford, and I decided that it would be effective to have a phonecall between the two (in seperate locations), with Martyn (the lead male character) apologising to myself (the lead female character), and then proceeding to ask to meet up. My character reluctantly agrees; but I decided to allow my character to be forgiving; emphasising the power of love - the meaning behind the song. The video concludes with a kiss-and-makeup. Very cute :)

C.D. cover (digipack)

This is my design for a C.D. cover for my band. The outer face includes an image of the lead singer, with his girlfriend - the image is a still from the bands music video. The back panel gives song titles, lengths, record label and band logo's, and a barcode. When you open the C.D., there is an image of a MicroKORG - the bands central instrument. The C.D. will sit on the right side of the case, and will also have the MicroKORG print on it. The spine of the C.D. case has the band name and the album name: The Red Riot Society - Love And Some Lyrics

20 March 2010


This is the poster for my band's album release. The simplistic design hopefully will reflect the simplicity of the messages within the bands lyrics. I used the same image from the album cover, however, I applied a filter so that it is recognisable to the audience, but it isn't the same generic image. The poster includes in image of the band, the band name, the record label, and the availability of the album.
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