11 January 2010


I don't think I've done this much travelling in all my life! Yesterday, I was travelling from Eltham to Dartford to Chislehurst to Eltham back to Chislehurst and then back to Eltham. Good news is that it was the last film shoot over and done! It was just unfortunate that I had to complete this film shoot by myself (again) as George had other things to do.
Today, we were uploading and editing the footage. All the footage looks great, the HD is perfect. It's just a shame our mac isn't working to it's full potential and keeps crashing. A little bit frustrating. However, I have a lot of free time Wednesday, so I'll just busy myself then.
STRESS doesn't even begin to explain!!!!!

09 January 2010


Was a little bit stressful, as I had to organise pretty much all of it by myself, but when we finally got to Dartford and set everything up, it all ran pretty smoothly. I'm much happier with the new shots, thanks to the extra lighting, they came out clearly. I love HD when it works properly :) so we have now reshot the opening. Sadly, we didn't get as much work as we hoped we would done today, but that's not a problem, as we have another full day of filming ahead tomorrow. Everything seems to be finally coming together. Phew!

This is my favorite picture from the photoshoot. Sitting on a pub table, gawping at Martyn, who is admiring my handsome chins :)